Sunday, August 24, 2014

Diary | Mini photo dump + Mini haul

I have a few photos just sitting in my folder doing nothing, so here I am putting them to work.

 Inside the civic theatre. 

 Daisy and I DIY'ed mugs a few months ago.

 I went for plain and simple, just for the sake of giving something new a go.

 I made my way to Botany before ball to pick up some nails but I didn't end up using them...

Wilting waltz.

 I love my bed.

 Aesthetic ;)

Still some of my all time favourites.

"We kill flowers 
because we think 
they're beautiful

We will oursevles
because we think we
are not"

 Inglot lipstick palette: 100, 91, 96, 99 and 46 
 My cousin works for Inglot and sent me a little taster. She gave me bold colours that obviously aren't your every day wear. I picked out the clours myself from their play palette which is double this size with 5 more crazy colours. The formula is very creamy and I would say quite opaque. I think if you're not a professional makeup artist I wouldn't recommend getting these colours but if you're someone looking to try something different and fun then definitely go for it! These colours are definitely Halloween friendly. I've always been curious about what black would look on me and found it's a little too bold for me. However I know I'd be more accepting of the black if I mix it with any safe shades ranging from reds to pinks. One thing I would like to point out is that you will need to conceal the outline of your lips after you apply the colours because the shades are obviously worlds apart from your natural lip colour. Some of your natural lip will peep around the edges. Some people conceal the outline of their lips regardless of colour so this isn't an uncommon step in clean lipstick application. I just thought I'd remind you of the minor detail because if you're like me, you don't usually use concealer for your lips.

 Here me blending in the white, yellow and pink together. I think I might have put too much white but you get the idea of the peachy shade I was trying to achieve. (I didn't conceal the edges here because the colour is one of the more naturally human shades)

These selfies were taken yesterday! I'm wearing the pink (96) from the Inglot palette from above. I didn't wear it to its full strength though and went for a subdue look. 

  I've finally embraced my naturally brow shape. Hooray for me.

My contacts are EOS Dark Ice grey from
I think it's perfect if you're looking for a naturally lightening. There aren't dark rings so that's part of the natural factor. The colour doesn't look natural because like all lens on an Asian, it just not a common colour that occur in our gene pool. But being fake as it may, it's one of the more realistic fake, if you're feeling me. I think to pull it off you're gonna need to do at least dark eyelining. I went for the natural approach and didn't realise my mistake until I took these photos. The big down fall on these were the comfort level. I wore these out yesterday (I blogged about yesterday in the last post) and it was almost unbearable for me. I constantly felt like I had something in my eyes (which duh you do) and it was painful to even keep my eyes open after a few hours. Beauty is pain? I've never had to use eye drops before in previous lenses (though I don't often wear lenses so I don't even know if I'm experienced enough for you to trust my opinion). However I will give these lens another go and next time I'll carry eye drops with me.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Outfit | Lace Grace

Tee - The Warehouse | *Skirt - Oasap | Heels - Sammydress | Support ring - Etsy | Other rings - Diva | Bracelet - Marc Jacobs X Shopbob

Bonjour amis! I love getting glammed up after a day at work and lace just does the job. I've been looking for one similar to this style for a while now because of my age long love for lace and recently developing a fondness for knee length pencil skirt. It's a thin lace but no one would be able to tell unless they touch it or examine it closely, which let's face it would be weird if anyone bends down to study your skirt (erm, creep alert). This means the skirt still looks superb like the ones with thick lace BUT you don't have to put up with the stiffness. Both types have their selling point. The thicker lace skirts would have more structure and you might worry less in the washing machine. The thinner lace skirts would mold to your shape and it's soft to wear. Either or, I don't mind but I just happened to get my hands on the softer option first.

You may notice the blue hue on my tips. If you have a good eye for details you probably figured it's just hair chalk too. I wanted to get an idea of what I would look like with the hair I'm lusting after at the moment. I also wanted to test the waters with mum too. She said it looks cute (a rare thing for my mother to say) but she still isn't stoke on the idea of me getting the real deal. Maybe I'll grow out of loving the idea of dip dyed ends but for now I'll keep dreaming.

It's officially. I'll be the worst food blogger. I kept accidentally eating the food straight away and forgetting to take a picture first. I only managed to snap two dishes and one of them was already half eaten but I just didn't include the eaten part in the picture...

 I remembered to take a picture of this one though but it was the last thing to arrive at our table so I screwed up like 5 times before that.

The restaurant was called Mui and it's located in Botany Asian Town if anyone is interested!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Diary | Long bob lob

Hello friends! I recently cut my hair. Nothing traumatic, but then again how can hair even be traumatic? Oh yeah, my year 9 mushroom bob... But let's not relive the past, well kind of. I'm reliving my hair 10 months ago. If you've been a follower of mine for some time now on blogspot or instagram, you'll remember I rendezvous with the snippets to this length before (yah know, that selfie in the yellow shirt and I was doing a lot of fake smiling). Literally nothing as changed if you compare these selfies with the one from 10 months ago, except for maybe my makeup skills. I badly want to dip dye my ends in a crazy colour like blue or purple...or bluey purple. However my mother worries about the appearance of my sanity. We'll see if in a few weeks time I will still want the dip dye or if this is just an impulse.

What do you think of my new (old) do? What new and exciting things have you done to your hair lately (or what you want to do)?
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