Friday, August 22, 2014

Diary | Long bob lob

Hello friends! I recently cut my hair. Nothing traumatic, but then again how can hair even be traumatic? Oh yeah, my year 9 mushroom bob... But let's not relive the past, well kind of. I'm reliving my hair 10 months ago. If you've been a follower of mine for some time now on blogspot or instagram, you'll remember I rendezvous with the snippets to this length before (yah know, that selfie in the yellow shirt and I was doing a lot of fake smiling). Literally nothing as changed if you compare these selfies with the one from 10 months ago, except for maybe my makeup skills. I badly want to dip dye my ends in a crazy colour like blue or purple...or bluey purple. However my mother worries about the appearance of my sanity. We'll see if in a few weeks time I will still want the dip dye or if this is just an impulse.

What do you think of my new (old) do? What new and exciting things have you done to your hair lately (or what you want to do)?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Outfit | Intern for a day

Tee - Factorie | Wool cardigan - Mirrou | Grey jacket - Nike X Rebel Sports | Ripped jeans - Sheinside (similar here) | Belt - Pagani | Sneakers - Nike X Asos

A casual looking dressy outfit, my favourite kind. I was invited by my teacher to be an intern for a movie that shot over the weekend. I needed to be there by 8:30 and since it's winter I knew it would be cold. I piled on layers and this was the result! I've repeated variation of the strip tee and white jeans at least 3 times this month already but you know what, any outfit worth wearing is going to be worn multiple times.

As for the intern experience, I didn't feel very needed. I helped sort out a messy folder of talent and property release forms, and bought snacks and water around for the crew. It wasn't too bad though because I enjoyed myself with my other 3 friends who were also invited along. We even ended up being extras for the film because you know me as an actress is kinda a big deal. That's right, I was asked to be the tree! No I'm kidding. They just needed the background to look more lively. At lunch time we ditched filming and ate Carls Jr, best decision ever. If you follow me on instagram you may have saw the photo of Emily and I there (photography creds to Alex).

Friday, August 15, 2014

Outfit | Black Jack

Romper - Lioness | Bustier - Cotton On Body | Shoes - Asos

A simple outfit because this was the day after ball. I slept in really late and went straight to my laptop to watch some OITNB. I expected to do nothing all day but I got a message from Daisy saying she really wanted to see the photos we took before ball so she came over. We edited the photos and before we knew it it was time for lunch. We decided to go to Na Na Thai and had a buffet lunch there. I didn't have the energy to try very hard with my outfit so I just throw on a bustier and romper. Slipped in shoes and out the door I went. (but not before taking photos)

The romper isn't the most flattering thing I've worn. I don't think it suits my size very well even though I bought a size 6. I just feel like I'm swimming in it and the waistline sits well below my waist line. However it is crazy comfy because of all the extra room so I'll keep this little number for lazy-lux days.
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