Friday, July 25, 2014

Diary | Pass the past

Some of the photos in this post will track back to as far as 3 weeks ago! I'm getting bad at posting but only because I lack excitement in my life, or I like motivation to make it look like I have excitement in my life. Most likely both.

Old post-run shot. My fitness has dropped lately because I neglected my training during the school holiday. I went for my first official run again with Mr J and it was torture.

I finally won the damn game! I can't remember when but it happened, so I finally have peace of mind and deleted the game.

Snacking on these are addictive. They don't even taste that good??? But can you stop? No. I was watching a LoL game with Daisy. Our ranked team friends were playing and as moral support we used our eyeballs to track their endeavors.

Cute little dog we came across on a run. Okay I lie. We came across the dog after we ran to the dairy to buy food and walked back home.

Noodles with Daisy...after the run.

Some rewards after a run.

The best history teacher left us! Not gonna lie, it's pretty depressing. He is the most cheeky teacher I've ever had. He always know how to make us laugh, and the best your-mum jokes. This was my first time taking history and with his guidelines I was always to achieve the grades I wanted. I doubt I'll ever get a teacher like him again, sad-faceX100.

When the holiday began I had to work in full swing because my mum left for Cambodia for family affairs (weddings, and visitations to the cousin-of-the-grandma-of-your-second-uncle-twice-removed and such family members, I guess). Dad thought a little pick me up was in order here and there to get me through the 2 weeks of waking up at 4am and getting off at 2pm. These donuts were my first installment.

This was the beginning of my short splurge on socialising in the holidays. I convinced myself I could still work and see my friends in the evening. I totally forgot that my body holds a small capacity for energy and I quickly burnt out two days later.

This was the second day where I made last minute plans to see Kina Grannis with Daisy and Sabrina.

We went to the city early to fit in some shopping and eating.

We had dinner at the Shelf, which is not overrated to my surprised!

Then it was time to line up.

Would you believe it, Harry Shum sat behind us at the show!

The amazing Kina!

 We arrived early and managed to snag up meet-and-great passes! Scooooore.

I got to touch her! (We hugged) She signed my autograph and I fangirled.

The next day was my 3 years anniversary with some dude I'm vaguely aware of. Daisy was my ride because she wanted to do some shopping at Botany while I went of doing whatever couples do that's g rated of course.

We had some sweets cos we sweet like dat. I think we're both savoury kinda people so that didn't satisfy us completely so we planned to have lunch when we meet up with Daisy, Fe, Cara and Don for a triple date.
Yeah I can ticked that off my bucket list.

I forced Shiv to come shopping with me before I decided that it was enough torture, and headed towards food court to find the others. We had McDonald's and then went to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2.
The movie was cute but too cheesey in my opinion. I really hate cheesey story lines for someone who loves cheese so much.

Like I mentioned I crashed after my three days for fun, but energy demolishing activities. I had a congee ball to get back some strength and body heat on a cold morning at work.


 Made fore school but failed to save it that long...

 New shoes! Lub. (From Novo but they're out of stock now I believe)

 Mum and I share our lipsticks, well make up in general. Mum hardly steals my lippies but she usually borrow my bb creams and bronzer. It's mostly me who rummage through her draws for her lippies, therefore making my lipstick collect larger by three folds.

 I may have splurged and bought myself a Marc by Marc Jacob bracelet from Shopbop.

Another run tot he dairy. Suchhh fitz. We talked so much on this run and hardly run that fast, I didn't even feel tired! That certainly bit me in the butt today because our slacking off made our real run hell.

I think that's all the new haps with me. What have you been up to?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Diary | Pepsi House Party II #SurviveTheParty

I was invited to the Pepsi house party for the second time and this time I was told the theme was things that go bump in the night, they called it Surive The Party.

I thought it was be appropriate to bust out my Lonely Hearts toxic waste graphic tee for the occasion. However I didn't wear the loafers in these shots to the party because the location was a surprise and I wanted to be prepared for mud. The loafers were just for my afternoon date. 

I obviously didn't take my sun hat either because the party was at night and moon rays are just not hat damaging, even with the moon being full that night.

I was allowed a plus one so I bought along Ananya again. We went to Sylvia Park where we were instructed to meet up and they would provide the transport. The VIPs got to leave first and we got a party bus!
 The beginning was a little awkward because we knew no one but we were perfectly happy just chatting with each other.

The boots I changed into for the party.

Pizzas and drinks were provided.

We arrived outside Spookers and I don't know why I didn't guess that location in the first place. I was confused as to how we would be able to party inside Spookers because well its a haunted attraction but not to worried because we were lead out to an open field behind Spookers where a giant party tent was located.

 The party tent was still filling up when we got there.

 yas gaga. yas.

 this clown had really good make up on and made a few people scream walking into the tent. (I didn't scream just so you know)

 Once the tent was packed there were activities and freebies. Ananya and I decide to stop being antisocial and start dancing. Weirdly enough the other VIPs always gravitated towards each othere so I started to strike conversations. Turns out they're so lovely and super friendly. 

After so exhausting dancing the lights shut off and the host announce that we had to head back tot he bus because something was "wrong with he generator". I don't think anyone believe them but they kept acting coy and told everyone to stay calm. Then they asked for the VIPs with leave first and we were lead down a dark path back to the bus and our guide claimed to "have no idea" where he was going and lead us completely of track, not like we were stupid and didn't know that, but we followed him anyways. We came to a stop and there stood He shouted instructions, basically telling us that we were going inside the Spookers attraction site. I know I was suppose to be scared but I didn't scream once throughout the whole thing! I'm very proud of myself. Because I didn't scream they didn't bother me much. I was praying they wouldn't touch me and they didn't because I just kept a straight face and walk fast. Ananya was cringing onto my hands but I think she was more afraid of the jump scare herself. The only thing that freaked me out a bit was when I heard the noise of a chainsaw advancing at us, but logical thinking kicked in and obviously they would have removed the sharp bit before running around a dark forest full of people with it. I think I would have scream when we came across the clown if I hadn't already seen him DANCING in the party tent hahaha. I just think clowns are so creepy and ugh.

I told my friends that afterwards and they didn't believe me because I'm yelping most of the time. However I do have an explanation. Most of my screams are from jump scares, you know when I don't expect something and it gives me a fright? But scary graphics, that I can handle. With our friends Iri and Anthony in front who screamed every time a new character appeared, I was well and prepared to come face to face with, essentially, actors in costumes. We finished the maze in one piece and sat at the soda bar listening to the groups behind us screaming now and then.

 I don't know why, but I guess the other VIPs suck at socialising as much as Ananya and I, because we just stuck together in a group and formed a dancing circle.

 After everything was over we headed back to our party bus and danced the way back. We even made last minute friends. I met some really amazing people and I'm glad I decided to not be shy!

 w/ yahoo teen ambassador Anthony Davis.

  w/ yahoo teen ambassador Gen.

w/ youtube singer Emily Muli.

w/ youtubers Liam from LiamTheSexyLlama and Kris from ADayWithKrisFox
Did not even know we were partying with Kris Fox until the end lmao. SOMEBODY managed to blink one eye (???) so I drew an eye patch. It's okay, the patch kinda matches the theme of the night. 

The night ended in a blanket of mist and fog, and I can conclude it was full of fun!
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