Sunday, April 13, 2014

Outfit | The big sleep

Yin yang tank - Urbanoutfitters | *Capri - FrontRow Shop | Sneakers - Vans | Socks - Glassons 

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A casual outfit for the weekend. Feeling a little lazy which doesn't help the fact that I have a ton of homework... Procrastination will be the death of me.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Outfit + Diary | A storm

*Shirt - Oasap | Skort - Sheinside | Cardigan - Mirrou | Shoes - Asos

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It's been a while since I've posted a diary form post so I'll squeeze everything that have been happening this weekend at the end of my outfit post.

I joined v48 with my media class, a competition that runs in New Zealand annually to create a film in under 48 hours.
 Our dinner on Friday night was V and pizza - nutrition is our highest priority. 
 We finished our plan, scripting and job allocation on Friday so we could sleep easy.

 The next day was full of filming. I was the director and boy, it's tiring being bossy. Most of the process went well. If you can't tell, the above shot is so far from a candid shot.

Since we got all our shoot by late afternoon, I was able to leave early. Geo picked my up and we went to KJ's where the gang was playing games.  

 We sloth-ed around til it was late enough to grab dinner. I went to Nandos because we're not hip enough or bothered enough to find some underground restaurant within Botany to eat at.

 No idea who this guy is, but Geo decided to take a picture of his back.

 but Byron wut.

 but Byron y.

 Geo's face though.

We went to night market afterwards and shuffled around in the crowd before KJ dropped Coco, Byron and I home, while the rest went go-karting.

On Sunday Daisy and I went out to do a little errand. We grabbed a late lunch at Robert Harris and did a little shopping.

Once I got home I binge watched American Horror Story before my family went out for ramen for dinner.

I'm completely burnt out and should probably rest my eyes since I have a math test tomorrow and a history assessment due in the next few days following after that.

Until next time ~
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